Find backlinks to a website


Find backlinks to a site using advanced Google search options

By combining two search options in a search query it is possible to show all the pages that are linking to a particular domain.

Step 1: Exclude search results that are pages on the domain itself by using
"". The "site:" operator instructs Google focus on a particular site. The minus sign before the word "site:" means that this site has to be excluded from search results.

Step 2: Add the name of the domain between double quotes to find sites mentioning this domain. (This isn't finding actual links, but finding "mentions" of a domain, which is just as usable for finding backlinks)

The complete search query would be for example: ""

You can fill in a domain here and the link to the Google search results will be generated below.


How To Find Backlinks In Google Analytics.
In Google Analytics you can see sources of traffic under: Reports / ACQUISITION / Referrals. This is limited to the domain name. For exact URLS that link back to your site see Google Search Console.

Find How Many Backlinks Your Website Has.
Use the above tool and see the number of search results.

How To Find Backlinks In Google Search.
Enter a search request using the advanced search options as described above, or use the above tool to generate a URL that points to the search results page.

Find Competitors Backlinks.
How to fine backlinks of competitors? Just enter the competitor's site in the tool above.

Find Expired Domains With Backlinks.
There are lots of places where you can find lists of expired domains. Fill in the domain in the above tool to see the backlinks.

Find How Many Backlinks A Site Has.
Use the above tool and see the number of search results. Remember to consider subdomains of a site as well (both the www and non-www version, and other subdomains).

How To Find Backlinks In WordPress.
To find backlinks from a site that is made in WordPress is no different from any other site.

Find Backlinks Using Google Search.
See above instructions, or use the tool to generate the link to Google Search with the right search query.

Google Find Backlinks To Your Site.
Use Google Search with the instructions above, or use Google tools like Analytics and Search Console.

Find Backlinks To A Specific Page.
You cannot search specific pages of your site with this tool. The best option is Google Search Console, or a commercial backlink tool.

Find Competitors Backlinks Free.
Use the above tool, or a trail account from a commercial backlink tool. Google Search Console will not work because you a not the owner of the site.

Checking Backlinks Using Google.
Use the advanced search options explained above, or enter the site name in the tool above to make a link to the Google Search Results with the correct parameters.

Find Backlinks To Your Website.
Fill your site name in the tool above and follow the link to Google Search Results. Other sites containing backlinks are shown as search results.

Find Backlinks Of Competitors.
To find backlinks of competitors fill in their site in the tool above. Remember to also check their subdomains.

Find Backlinks For Website.
There are lots of ways! Try searching with the word "related:" followed directly with the name of the website. A list of similar sites will be listed in the search results.

Tool To Find Bad Backlinks.
Use the tool above to find backlinks. The bad (spammy) links will be listed last.

Find Low Quality Backlinks.
Same answer as above. Use the tool above to find backlinks. The bad (spammy) links will be listed last.

Find Backlinks To Domain.
Enter the domain in the tool above. Follow the link to Google to see the backlinks pointing to that domain.

Find Dofollow Backlinks.
The above tool does not specifically do this. It looks at the anchor text indexed by Google

Find Internal Backlinks.
Use the above tool, but remove the minus sign in the search query. Then you will search for indexed pages of your site that point to your ouwn site (only if the anchor text includes your domain name)

Find Relevant Backlinks.
Use the method explained above. The most relevant pages will tend be the first ones displayed in the search results.

Find My Backlinks Free.
Let Google help you by using the advanced search options, or generate a link above to see the backlinks to your site that Google has indexed.

Find Quality Backlinks.
Find similar sites to a known site of good quality using the keyword "related:" in yor search query.

Find YouTube Backlinks.
Use the method above to find regular backlinks, but also add "" to the end of the search query to find links from YouTube.

Find Broken Backlinks.
This site can't help you with that. I would advise you to search through the website logs to find page requests that resulted in a HTTP 404 Not Found Error

Find Social Backlinks.
Check out Google Analytics to see the Social Referrals

Find Spam Backlinks.
Search for backlinks in Goole using the tool above. The most spammy backlinks tend be displayed last in the search results.